We ensure quality teaching and learning with fun activities. We provide with utmost care, support and nurture a child need.

Joey’s Cottage promotes and supports quality education and fulfill the meets of the parents and their child.

We are currently serving the families at Chipping Norton, Preschool Chipping Norton, Childcare Chipping Norton, Preschool Moorebank, Childcare Moorebank, Preschool Warwick Farm, Childcare Warwick Farm, and Preschool Liverpool, Childcare Liverpool communities. We are also located at the suburbs of South West Sydney.

We offer a holistic approach to your child’s early learning and development. The value of preschool education. Homeschooling before school is a great way to have a good time for parents and kids.

Children of this age imitate everything their parents do by seeing, playing, helping, talking and listening. While doing this every day, it is important to relax and unwind. Children of this age need your love and attention more than school and salvation. School itself is ever evolving and now even kids in kindergarten are focusing more and more on academics and getting a perfect place for learning that is peaceful and friendly.

Our child care centre is designed to provide a warm and family orientated environment promoting child development in a fun and educational manner and encouraging children to involve themselves in both planned and spontaneous activities.

We have highly trained early childhood teachers and educators that reflect the interests, uniqueness and developmental needs of all children.

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Experience a whole new world of learning, gaining knowledge with fun and activities. Learn with highly qualified staff, well trained educators, co curricular activities, spontaneous decision making and many more.