When shipping items from one place to another, fragile items have the highest chance of getting damaged. The damage can occur due to the mishandling and knocks during transit, leaving you with more hassle than regret.

The best way to send fragile items is by trusting a freight forwarding company. Only with careful planning and the best value interstate freight quote, you can securely and affordably ship any fragile item to anywhere in the world. Peace of mind will be your bonus.

Though carrying fragile items includes the risk of cracking and breakage, there is a lot that you can do to avoid potential damage. Here are some tips from our freight forwarders that you can keep in mind.

Wrap it the right way

When it comes to shipping the fragile items safely, a solid brown-coloured packing paper will be useful for covering it properly. This paper should be used as the first layer of protection.

Bubble wrap

Another thing to do is to use a bubble wrapping sheet around the item and then secure its ends with masking tape. Using bubble wraps will prevent items from knocking against each other within boxes. When your items reach its new location, the bubbles can then be removed easily.

Fill in the hollow items

Any hollow items such as vases should be filled with paper or any other light-weight thing before bubble wrapping. This will add protection for very delicate areas.

Do not stack dishes

When packing delicate items, make sure to each item separately in bubble wrap and then placed on its edge within the box. Do not stack items on each other as fragile items will survive better if they are spaced apart from one another.

Inside packaging

The outside packaging is not enough to ensure that delicate goods are safely transported as inside packaging equally plays the role. There should be the required amount of padding inside the carton and thermocol, paper strips and bubble sheets that can provide the appropriate shielding from any kind of mishandling.

Pick the right box

Once the fragile item is carefully wrapped and the wrapping is secured with tape then it should be put in a box that is approximate to its size and shape. Do not worry if it is not perfectly fit, just cut down the larger box and then carefully fold it and secure it around the fragile item.

Label the packing

To ensure the safe delivery of your items, it is good to write “fragile” on each side of the box.  This will ensure that your goods will be handled with care at the time of loading and unloading.  You may also use special signs or symbols to guide the handler with proper instructions like not to invert it, handle with care etc.

Choose a good delivery company

If you are done with packing and labelling, it’s the time to contact a reliable and affordable shipping service with the best value interstate freight quote. Choosing an ideal freight company means your package is safe and secure and will reach its destination on time at best prices.

Now you have a better idea of how to pack fragile items for shipping! Remember, the packaging is one aspect and there are many that determine the safety of your goods. To avoid any kind of damage, contact On Time Freight Management.  We assure you to provide a safe and highly personalised service.

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